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A pro's favorite cabinet installation tool that saves time and labor. 

January 04, 2021
EZhang EasyHang cabinet hanger installation

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Modern Kitchen Pros / Los Angeles, Calif.

We heard about the EazyHang early in 2020. We were looking for a way to simplify installation. Once the system is mounted to the wall, you can hang all your cabinets level every single time. 

For a professional, when we install them, it’s a time saver. If you’re doing a larger upper, it usually takes two guys: one guy to hold it in place and another guy to screw it to the wall. With this system, once the rail system is up there, you mount the brackets on the back of this thing and you lift it up, slide it against the rail, it clicks in place, and you let go. It’s hung. 

It’s a cleat system, so the rail itself you can cut to fit to whatever length you need. You attach the rail to every stud. You shim it accordingly for a nice flush fit. 

For a professional installer, you can save 30 minutes a cabinet.

At the back at the cabinet, there is a cleat with a hook at a top that’s angled. It’s about two-inches wide, and those are screwed into the nailers. You lift those up and it hangs on the rail, which has a reverse cleat. You can mount it flush so you can get it almost all the way to the ceiling, or you can install it in the back where you can install a crown to hide it. 

For a professional installer, you can save 30 minutes a cabinet. If you’re doing a kitchen a month, using an EazyHang may not make sense, but if you’re doing 30 kitchens a month, the time savings add up. The only thing that I would want is a set screw so that the bracket does not move if you don’t mount it all the way to the bottom of the cabinet, but we’ve easily created our own.


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