Pro's Picks: Deckorators Voyage

Decking that sells itself 

March 27, 2019

Leif Wirtanen

Integrator & Operations Manager, Cascade Fence & Deck

Vancouver, Wash.




When we saw the new voyage composite decking line from Deckorators, we knew we were looking at a product that could sell itself. 

Our company started offering Deckorators decking with Eovations technology in 2016. At the time, we were using PVC decking, and while we weren’t dissatisfied with the PVC products, Deckorators’ Eovations tech has  little to no thermal expansion and contraction. It was a big selling point for us. 

When we saw the new Voyage decking line with the same Eovations technology, we were excited to see the four new colors (Costa, Mesa, Sierra, and Tundra) and, more importantly, the enhanced traction. We started showing customers all our decking offerings, and they gravitated to this new line. The last five decks we sold have all been Voyage; customers were more than willing to spend a little extra for a premium product. 

Voyage decking is similar in weight to PVC products, while still offering the strength provided by other Deckorators lines. Our installers were the first to take notice of the surface traction, and it’s a big seller for our customers, too. Decks are not a place you want to worry about slippery surfaces. The textured embossing gives the product more resistance, lowering the chances of slippage.

Based on the number of Voyage decks we’ve already built, we predict the product will be one of our business’ best sellers in 2019.

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I’m seriously considering decorators Voyager line, however I’m not finding any information on how scratch resistant it may be. Can you share some information on this point?

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