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Pro's Picks: Custom Doors by Simpson Door

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Pro's Picks: Custom Doors by Simpson Door

Custom wood doors that give remodelers flexibility in design and durability in the installation.

By Annie Cebulski June 3, 2021
Simpson door co monster door barn door
This article first appeared in the May/June 2021 issue of Pro Remodeler.

Kevin Betker

Kevin Betker


Bridgetown Window & Door

Portland, Ore.

We do pre-hung, replacement doors in Portland, and Simpson Door styles fit very nicely in older homes. Every time we’ve tried something new, we always came right back to Simpson. The grain in their wood is better, the fit and finish are better, and delivery is very consistent.

What I like most about Simpson is their flexibility; you can get almost any size within reason. Here, fir is preferred, but if you want cherry, walnut, or unusual species, you got it. I’ve had many customers look through their catalog, and they’ll select something that they don’t see. All it takes is just a request, and you can build that door.

A Simpson door comes out of the factory as raw wood. It’s up to the homeowner, contractor, or dealer to finish it. If the entry door or side door is protected with an overhang or a porch, a lot of times customers will use a stain or just a clear varnish. Others will choose paint. If you have a door and it’s exposed to the elements, Simpson can put a medium density overlay as a water barrier on the outside so it’s not going to crack, split, or peel when it gets rain and sun. You can then paint over it.

Installation takes about a day. We remove the old door, install the new Simpson one, put the hardware on, and then trim out the door on both sides to match the existing door frame. Although wood doors are going to be in a different price category than a fiberglass or steel door, I believe Simpson Door is very competitively priced for the material and services that you’re getting.

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