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Pro's Picks: Breezy

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Pro's Picks: Breezy

One pro's favorite platform fosters collaboration and team investment in the hiring process. 

By Annie Cebulski December 3, 2020
This article first appeared in the Nov/Dec 2020 issue of Pro Remodeler.

Anna Karp

Co-founder, CEO


New York City

We used to have a dedicated recruiter for hiring, but once the pandemic hit New York City, we were looking for ways to cut our operating expenses. I brought Breezy in-house for filling the majority of our roles in March. To use Breezy, you make an account for the company and then you invite your hiring team. Instead of paying a recruiter a high fee, you pay a software fee. We use the most basic paid option, the Start Up plan, and it provides us with great functionality. Previously, we had paid a hiring partner a $4,000 retainer per month. Now we pay just $177 per month.

Once you set up an account, there are roughly four stages to using Breezy. First, you create your job description. Second, you create the position in Breezy and assign your Hiring Managers, who are the team members that will receive notifications. After this you can select where you will advertise. When setting up a position, you can post post on a number of HR platforms that integrate with Breezy, such as LinkedIn and ZipRecruiter. Finally, you start moving candidates through a customizable funnel that keeps track of the hiring process via an internal scorecard. Some of the functions are clunky. We chose not to email candidates via the app. However, these are minor issues compared to the value we get from it. Over time, Breezy has provided great savings, and more importantly, my team feels very involved and invested in finding the right talent for their teams.

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