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Pro's Picks: Bosch 360-Degree Connected Green-Beam Three-Plane Leveling and Alignment-Line Laser

"Having a green beam rather than a red beam makes a huge difference because of the way our eyes work..."

June 25, 2019

Matt Jackson

Master Carpenter, Next Level Carpentry (YouTube) 

Rapid City, S.D.




I work alone most days, so finding a tool like this green-beam, 360-degree laser from Bosch makes it much easier for me to take on tasks that typically require two sets of hands.

I was working on a job not long ago with a tile guy who was using a green-beam laser. I thought it was pretty slick, and when I got to the point where I could benefit from that laser’s capabilities, I made the investment.

Having a green beam rather than a red beam makes a huge difference because of the way our eyes work—a green laser appears four times as bright as a red laser when both are projected at the same power output. Green light is more visible in daylight and medium-light conditions, so green beams are great for outdoor projects or other well-lit spaces (e.g. rooms with lots of natural light).

The 360-degree capability was another big selling point for me. Having the horizontal and two vertical lines project from the edge of the laser rather than from the center means I only need one laser, instead of two—saving me money, storage space in my truck, and time spent on set up.

With Bosch, you’re getting a product with advanced technology that saves serious time and effort, so you’re going to pay a premium-—pricing ranges from $500-600, depending on where you buy. 

Because of how it’s designed, it’s difficult to clamp the laser to wood, and there is no lock on the level to keep it from swiveling. But both are minor inconveniences, and I’d absolutely still buy the tool again.

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