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Pro's Pick: Quickpage Video Messaging App for Marketing and Sales

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Pro's Pick: Quickpage Video Messaging App for Marketing and Sales

This Pro’s Pick helps contractors earn the trust of customers by delivering personalized video messages at key touchpoints

June 27, 2023
Quickpage Video Messaging App
This article first appeared in the July/Aug 2023 issue of Pro Remodeler.

Southwest Exteriors CEO Ryan Shutt

 Ryan Shutt
 Southwest Exteriors
 San Antonio, Texas

Quickpage allows us to begin building relationships with customers through video messages we send after setting sales appointments.

We use Quickpage to send text messages to customers at three key touchpoints within our overall sales process.

The first touchpoint using this tool comes immediately after we set an appointment with a homeowner. Every prospect gets a personalized video message from the person who set the appointment. Our representative handwrites the homeowner's name on a whiteboard along with their appointment date and time. We also include links to three to five blog articles below the video content. These articles range from the topic of what their project is going to cost to the types of window lines we carry to details about our warranty.

The open rate is 96% on the messages that we send and we have an 83% engagement rate.

The second touchpoint is a video from the sales rep who will be visiting their home. This message is sent the morning of the appointment and only takes a rep five minutes to prepare and send. It serves as a quick introduction of the sales rep and as an appointment reminder.

The third and final touchpoint comes from the sales rep right after the appointment. We thank the customer for their time and send one of two types of messages.

If the homeowner has signed an agreement to work with us, we’ll send a copy of their contract and all of the paperwork that they signed.

If they haven’t yet invested with us, we’ll send them a copy of their quote and some links to articles that may help them make a buying decision.

The open rate is 96% on the messages that we send and we have an 83% engagement rate. An engagement is when a homeowner clicks on at least one of the article links in the message.

We’re also spending less time in the home because we’ve already answered a lot of questions through the articles we share in these messages.

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