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Pro's Pick: Panasonic WhisperValue Fan

This Pro's Pick is a ventilation fan that accounts for the challenges of airflow in an older home.

July 20, 2021
Whisper ValueFan

Bryan Uhler

Bryan Uhler

Vice President

Pioneer Builders / Port Orchard, Wash.

Panasonic WhisperValue Fan

In addition to home building, I frequently consultant with remodelers on energy efficiency. I’ve used Panasonic fans for nearly a decade. One of the things that I like about the WhisperValue ventilation fan is that it uses ECM, or electrically commutated motors. These motors can help overcome possible static pressure that could be introduced into the system because of too many bends in the ductwork that are often present in existing homes. This avoids premature motor burnout and weak airflow.

Panasonic is well-built. The unit can come with an LED light, and the operation is exceptionally quiet, especially at the lowest speed setting. You can pick the airflow speed from 50, 80, and 100 CFM. We set it at 50, and then we can adjust it if a homeowner would like more airflow. Even better, Panasonic fans have an extremely low watt per CFM that meets even the strictest codes like we have here in Washington. With its thinner design, you can also install it in 2x4 framing or install it vertically, giving remodelers flexibility.

All of the adjustments are up in the fan housing itself, so we specify relative humidity sensors in our bathing rooms that have a dial to set what level of humidity that the vent will automatically kick on.

The only thing I would suggest is for Panasonic to create an electrical wiring tutorial or more in-depth printed instructions. It took real-world figuring it out how to do it using the current wiring diagram.

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