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Pro's Pick: Kohler DTV Custom Showering Experience

Touchpad controls, clean design, and sleek styling are a great solution for bathrooms that need multifunctional controls

July 07, 2016
Kohler DTV

All photos: courtesy Kohler

TJ Monahan

Director of project development

Case Design/Remodeling

Bethesda, Md.


I first saw the Kohler DTV in a showroom, so I asked the rep about it and then did some additional research. The touchpad controls, low profile, uncluttered design, and sleek styling are a great solution for bathrooms with a need for multifunctional controls. 

I now use the DTV as often as possible in bathroom designs. It’s perfect for clients who are looking for a luxury showering experience, and though it blends best in a modern-look bathroom, it’s really great for anyone who wants to clean up the look of their shower controls.    

The DTV Prompt (first photo, below) is the entry-level model, while the DTV+ (second photo, below) has all the bells and whistles, allowing users to adjust spray intensity as well as the angle of water delivery using a menu-based navigation system. I’ve only used the Prompt, as I find it offers a great alternative to traditional diverter valves for not that much more money. 

Most clients aren’t familiar with a digital valve, so there’s an educational hump to get over, but once the client sees the value, it ends up being an easy decision. In a bathroom with multiple showerheads and body sprays, the DTV Prompt doesn’t cost all that much more than a traditional system, but it offers much more value. 

The homeowner doesn’t have to install other showerheads, and I only recommend the Prompt when there’s more than one. There’s also the option of additional controls for other shower upgrades, like music and steam, if the homeowner wants that.

I like to have one touchpad installed inside the shower and one outside. That way the homeowner can turn on the shower before getting in (say goodbye to getting sprayed with cold water!), and adjust the temperature and controls. 

The valve will fit inside a standard wall cavity and is compatible with all pipe materials. The Prompt comes with a 20-foot cable, and for longer runs, you can replace or extend the cable using a standard RJ-11 phone extension cord. The six-port valve (last photo, below), can be used across many of the DTV systems. 

There’s a bit of a learning curve for the plumber and electrician the first time they’re installing the DTV, but it’s still relatively easy to do. The printed installation instructions from Kohler are clear, but they assume that the installer is a professional. Kohler also provides training, if you want it, and will visit the jobsite or office, but typically training is held at a Kohler training facility. 

Kohler DTV

Kohler DTV+

Kohler valve

About the Author

TJ Monahan is director of project development for Case Design/Remodeling, in Bethesda, Md.

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