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Pro's Pick: GM Lighting LED Channel Lights

This Pro's Pick turns anyone into a lighting designer.

September 23, 2021
channel lights

Photo: courtesy Sublime Homes

Jacklyn Graniczny

Design Director

Sublime Homes / St. John, Ind.

GM Lighting LED Channel Lights

LED channel lights can be installed in numerous settings: any length of any wall, any height of any wall—there are no limitations, you just cut them down to size for whatever you need.

With LED channel lights, you become a lighting designer behind the scenes where you get to build your own fixture and you can create a piece of art through lighting. Designers get to choose the location, length, width, and color output. Another cool aspect is that you can intermix lighting into your wall or floor space.

Since channel lights are installed during the drywall phase of construction, they need to be planned ahead and with a skilled drywall trade, but the result is lights flush with your finished wall, and then you could also do the same with your flooring. And GM Lighting has been helpful and responsive with troubleshooting.

The lights also offer various tones of white. We installed it in one of our client’s homes who wanted an uber contemporary aesthetic, so we chose more of a cool light. You can have ranges from cool to warm and you could also get RGB tape lights, adding a pop of color to a space such as a basement bar set up or children’s room.

Bendable lights can also be used to highlight architectural forms in a home, such as a staircase. A recent project featured a floating stair and we added dimmable channel lights, which peek out, offering a cool glow. But it’s also functional, because it acts like a nightlight, but not like a typical stair light.

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