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Pro's Pick: BuildClean Dust Control System

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Pro's Pick: BuildClean Dust Control System

For California remodeler Jim Kabel, BuildClean is the most thorough jobsite dust-removal system his firm has used

March 29, 2017
DustClean system at work on the jobsite
This article first appeared in the April 2017 issue of Pro Remodeler.

Jim Kabel, CA remodelerJim Kabel

Owner, Case Design / Remodeling of San Jose

San Jose, Calif.



BuildClean acts as a sort of dust sentry, quietly humming at low speed until it senses dust, then kicking into high until the dust is gone. It can recirculate cleaned air back to the room or vent it outside. 

While it won’t remove every last spec of dust, it’s far more thorough than anything else we’ve tried. We generally keep one running on kitchen jobs, and two or three on whole-house remodels or during demolition. The manufacturer’s claim that it eliminates 90 percent of airborne dust seems accurate to me. My crews spend a lot less time sweeping and vacuuming, and the money saved on cleanup about pays for the cost of a unit after a few large jobs.

More important is the positive feedback from customers. We remodeled a kitchen a few years ago for a client with asthma. Although we carefully sealed off the area with plastic barriers, a little dust inevitably escaped. It was hard on him. We recently remodeled a master bath for the same client, this time with BuildClean on site. He said it was a huge improvement and was symptom-free during the project.


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