Professional Remodeler's 101 Best New Products of 2012-2013 Mechanical & Electric

101 Best Products Mechanical & Electric

November 27, 2013
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professional remodeler 101 best products

Featuring products from Lennox, LG, Mitsubishi, Trane, American Standard, and Rinnai.



1) Lennox Ductless Systems

Lennox offers a ductless heat pump and air conditioner as two energy-efficient options to heat and cool a home. The ductless heat pump is an all-in-one heating and cooling unit that can cool or heat specific rooms with a single unit. The ductless air conditioner has low indoor sound levels and is an energy-efficient alternative to a traditional window unit.





2) Art Cool Premier Duct-Free System

The Art Cool Premier system from LG HVAC is a duct-free split air conditioning system that uses an updated inverter compressor to improve refrigerant compression efficiency and minimize energy loss, providing an SEER of up to 28. The system uses a honeycomb air inlet across the top and a hidden LED display to complement residential interior designs.


3) Mitsubishi Electric M-Series Units

The MUZ-FE09 outdoor unit and MSZ-FE09 indoor units are the latest addition to Mitsubishi Electric’s Hyper-Heat product line. Both units are Energy Star-qualified and the outdoor unit features an auto changeover function, which allows the system to sense whether a space needs cooling or heating and automatically switches the mode as needed to maintain a consistent temperature. The indoor unit features quiet operation and an enhanced filter system, and can make real-time adjustments based on ambient temperature readings.

4) Trane Ductless Systems

Trane’s new Ductless Systems line features both mini- and multi-split units that are ideal for projects where adding ductwork might be impractical or difficult, such as compact, urban living environments. With SEER ratings ranging from 16 to 22, Trane Ductless Systems feature a triple filtration system containing Catechin, an additive abstracted from natural green tea that provides long-lasting sterilization of dust and removes up to 95 percent of airborne bacteria.


5) AccuLink Platinum ZV Control

American Standard’s AccuLink Platinum ZV Control offers a 7-inch color touch screen on a system that allows the user to program wake, leave, sleep, and vacation heat and cool settings for seven days. Users can create heating and cooling schedules to save energy when no one is home and display live weather information. The system features automatic reminders to alert users when maintenance is needed or filters need replacing.



6) Rinnai Tankless Rack System

This tankless rack system simplifies installation of multi-unit condensing tankless water heaters. Available in freestanding or wall-mounted variations, the unit is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. Rinnai can build and ship the unit fully assembled, including gas and water manifolds, to any location in the U.S. and Canada.

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