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Products Update: Windows for 2021 Remodels

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Products Update: Windows for 2021 Remodels

Windows for 2021 are energy-efficient, technology-packed, and often quite big. 

By Pro Remodeler Staff March 4, 2021
marvin skycove
This article first appeared in the January 2021 issue of Pro Remodeler.

Incorporating the right window into an exterior remodel adds value to your services and gives homeowners peace of mind. Here are five options for 2021:

sierra pacific windows

Sierra Pacific Windows Westchester Double Hung Window

Sierra Pacific Windows reports that its new Westchester Double Hung Window has achieved structural and thermal performance ratings that are rarely found in double-hung windows. With a performance rating of PG50 on most standard sizes, the Westchester window line has 0.28 U-value with dual insulated Lo-E 366 and argon, and a triple insulated glass U-value of 0.17. The window can be used for residential or commercial applications. 

Marvin Skycove

Marvin Skycove

The Marvin Skycove is a fully constructed glass pop-out structure that expands a home’s interior space. The integrated bench offers 16- to 20 sq. ft. of usable space. Provides more immersive panoramic views than bay or bow windows; its low E3 glass reduces solar heat gain. Certified/warrantied, it comes fully assembled; installation takes less than a day. 


Hope's Windows

Hope's Windows One55 Series 

To meet a growing demand in the residential building market, Hope’s Windows Inc. has expanded its One55 Series hot-rolled steel windows to feature its award-winning Thermal Evolution technology. This technology enables such windows to meet stringent energy efficiency standards. The series is custom-designed to a maximum size of 192” (16’-0”) x 102” (8’-6”) and accommodates up to 1-1/4” thick glass units. The windows can be either interior or exterior glazed.

jeld wen siteline pocket

Jeld-Wen Siteline Pocket and Sash Pack

With demand for wood replacement windows rising, Jeld-Wen offers the Siteline Pocket and Sash Pack option for homeowners. This new series works for replacement, remodel, and new construction markets. It includes double-hung pocket, casement pocket, and sash pack windows; can be used to replace any comparable wood window. And its simple design substantially reduces installation errors, according to the company. Comes in the same colors and finishes as the original Siteline collection. 

Provia corner drive system

ProVia Corner Drive System

ProVia’s new corner drive system includes locking points in the top corner of the window frame, opposite the hinge and operator slides. It improves structural performance on larger casement windows. The corner drive assembly transmits the tie bar actuation force around the corner of the window frame at an integrated locking point 3” from the window top, thus reducing sash flex and improving air infiltration performance. This system is standard on Endure or Aspect casement windows (24x56.25”) or bigger.

A version of this product update ran in the January 2021 print edition. It incorrectly labeled the Marvin Skycove and the Jeld-Wen Siteline Pocket and Sash Pack. This is the correct version. 

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