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Products: A Notebook for the Jobsite

March 06, 2015
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Pro Tool Reviews discusses why the recently burgeoning notebooks filled with paper made out of stone might be well-suited to the jobsite.

Bringing a pricey, fragile object like an iPad to a construction site can be risky, so many opt for the traditional pen-and-paper notebook. But still, as Pro Tools Reviews puts it: “Jobsites are dirty, messy, places where paper just doesn’t survive well.”

But a sheet of paper made out of stone is water resistant and hard to tear., and you can write on it as easily as writing on normal paper. Though the manufacturers claim it is a greener alternative than conventional pulp paper, Wired says that the eco-friendly claim needs scrutiny, because the product contains HDPE plastic.

Learn more about the product at Pro Tool Reviews and Wired

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