Productivity: How Contractors Can Make Sure Payroll Taxes Are Paid on Time

May 18, 2015

Many contractors get nervous about missing payments or filling forms late. Guest blogger Melanie Hodgdon shares one very simple, “in your face” tip.

It involves making a calendar, and setting it up as your desktop picture so it will always be there, looming behind your many open windows, and standing by as the first and last thing you see when you turn your computer on or off.

“I created a calendar in Excel, including all the various due dates for payments and forms, being careful to make the proportions similar to the laptop display proportions,” Hodgdon writes. She also adds that including dates for making federal and state estimated income tax payments will come in handy. 

For the next step, Hodgdon uses a more roundabout way to transform the Excel calendar into an image (she prints and then scans it). Another easy way is to use the “Print Screen” button for Windows users, or hold cmd + shift + 3 for Mac users, to get a screenshot of your Excel spreadsheet.

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