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Product Watch: Windows

Everything you need to know about windows.

April 30, 2001


Window Color Trends:

American consumers are in a nostalgic mood. When remodeling, many homeowners are looking to the past for color inspiration. So it’s not surprising that several wood and aluminum-clad window manufacturers have noted strong acceptance for dark green and deep red products.

"These are like early 1900s colors," says Bob Eckert, director of marketing and communication for Weather Shield. "People who are fixing up their older homes are going back and matching the traditional colors to make their homes stand out. Another color that has taken off for us is [one] that resembles an aged copper patina."

Expect vinyl windows to follow suit. Reportedly, some vinyl window manufacturers are investigating the use of acrylic coatings, similar to those now being used on vinyl siding, to allow richer colors without fade problems.

The popularity of these colors, says Eckert, is particularly strong in the Midwest and along the Atlantic Coast. The Northeast, he says, still favors white. In the Southeast, it’s either traditional white or a soft palette of colors. In the West, it seems anything goes. "We do a lot of custom colors in the West," Eckert says.

Window manufacturers now provide exact color matches for window clients, which is ideal for remodelers trying to match existing colors at a job site.

Despite the emphasis on darker hues, white remains the color that drives the window industry, says Eckert. "We’ve done over 40 different colors of white."



Caradco: Impact-resistant glass products pass windborne debris impact tests that meet and exceed Dade County, the Southern Building Code Congress International and other hurricane impact requirements. Glass provides a high level of security against intruders, offering impact-resistant windows and doors that meet forced-entry and burglary test standards. New laminated glass products help prevent outside noise and ultraviolet sun damage from disturbing the inside of a home. Supply: distributors. Contact: (800) 238-1866, ext. PR-11-311, www.caradco.com.

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Norco: Black has been added to the spectrum of color options available in aluminum-clad windows. The windows are crafted with a heavy-duty extruded aluminum cladding on the frame and sash. The extruded aluminum preserves each window's uniformity and structural integrity. The integral aluminum nailing fin, a continuous part of the clad extrusion, holds the window into the wall at the correct depth so that the interior casing lies flat and looks more attractive. Warranty: 20 years on glass; 2 years on parts and labor. Supply: distributors. Contact: (800) 877-9482, ext. PR-142, www.norcowindows.com.

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Crestline: Vinyl casement and awning windows utilize the latest technology. Design of both windows included in the VinylCrest collection consists of a fully welded, one-piece frame for added strength and resistance to extreme weather. Frame depth is 31/4 inches. The high-performing frame combines with three separate weather seals that provide a tight barrier against the elements. Color choices include white or almond. Supply: distributors. Contact: (800) 552-4111, www.crestlinewindows.com.

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Eagle: Aluminum-clad awning window, designed to swing out from the bottom, offers extended life and operation ease with corrosion-resistant hardware, concealed hinges, a stainless steel hinge track, and a scissor operator to open the window. All wood members are select kiln-dried, water-repellent and preservative-treated. Interior surfaces are suitable for primed, painted or stained finish. Exterior is available in 10 standard colors: Colony White, Antique White, Sandstone, Pebble Tan, Harbor Mist, Country Blue, Slate, Forest Green, Sierra Bronze and Cinnamon Toast. Supply: distributors. Contact: (800) 453-3633, www.eaglewindow.com.

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Kolbe & Kolbe: Copper-clad windows and doors are offered to remodelers. Copper cladding is a natural and unfinished. Sashes are .02 inches thick while frames and doors are .025 inches thick. Units with simulated divided lites utilize a .025-inch-thick copper Simulite bar. Over time, the exterior copper cladding will naturally patina, producing a dramatically unique and historical appearance. Supply: distributors. Contact: (800) 955-8177, www.kolbe-kolbe.com.

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Andersen Windows: The 200 Series tilt-wash, double-hung window offers a simplified sash-tilting design and seamless, frame cladding. Orange- colored tilt latches at the outer edges of the sash’s top rails make it simpler to tilt the sash inward for cleaning. Seamless cladding improves weather resistance, reduces maintenance and simplifies installation. The window may be ordered with a clear-pine or pre-finished white interior, as well as a white or sand-tone exterior. All 36 standard sizes come in full-inch increments, simplifying ordering and installation. Supply: distributors. Contact: (800) 426-4261, ext. 1232, www.andersenwindows.com.

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CertainTeed: The Castle XT window line simplifies and helps speed installation. Integral J-channel, factory-applied jamb extensions and structural mullion system allow remodelers to create larger and more window combinations than before for room additions and major structural remodels. Line also features a new single-hung design that is built with two sashes for the authentic look of a double-hung. This allows builders to use single-hung windows downstairs and double-hung windows upstairs for a cost-effective window package that doesn’t compromise style. Supply: distributors. Contact: (800) 233-8990, www.certainteed.com.

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Marvin: Wood Ultimate double-hung window features a frame constructed for maximum stability. Exterior surface has a solid wood profile that meets most historic restoration criteria. Thick vinyl jamb liner found on most double-hung windows has been replaced with a wood interior that can be painted or stained. Tilt level is cleverly integrated into the lower sash lock. Window is available with the Low E II and argon gas option. With this option, unit meets the requirements for the Energy Star rating. Supply: distributors. Contact: (888) 537-8268, www.marvin.com.

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Hy-Lite: Acrylic block windows are an excellent way to provide light and privacy. Available in a variety of sizes and colors, windows offer frosted wave, clear wave and clear cross rib patterns. Obscure and semiobscure blocks can be custom-made into different shapes and sizes of windows and come in both direct-set and opening units. The prefabricated units need no individual mortaring at the job site. Supply: distributors. Contact: (877) 712-4013, www.Hy-Lite.com.

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Hurd: Vinyl double-hung replacement window is designed specifically for retrofit applications in the remodeling and replacement markets. Window is available with a selection of high-performance glazing options, including Heat Mirror, which features a transparent film between panes of glass that acts as an additional weather barrier. It also comes with a package of accessory components for easy installation. Supply: distributors. Contact: (800) 2BE-HURD. www.hurd.com.

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PGT: WinGuard impact-resistant windows and doors provide full-time protection against flying debris and hurricane-force winds. The windows and doors combine heavy-duty aluminum frames with impact-resistant laminated glass. A special silicone glazing keeps the glass from breaking away from the frame. Although the glass may crack on impact, the interlayer keeps the glass intact, preventing destructive wind from entering the home. The entire WinGuard line of windows and doors is approved by the Miami-Dade Building Code Compliance Office. Warranty: lifetime free of defects. Supply: distributors. Contact: www.pgtindustries.com.

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Milgard: Constructed using a combination of high-performance, dual-sash glazing and a newly designed line of vinyl window frames, Quiet Line windows achieve some of the highest Sound Transmission Class (STC) ratings in the residential window industry. An STC rating of 30 is best suited for a quiet neighborhood, while ratings of 34-36 are recommended for areas with high noise levels. Quiet Line windows can be ordered with ratings ranging from 40 to 47, perfect for high-noise areas such as homes near highways and airports. Warranty: lifetime with original owner. Supply: distributors. Contact: (800) MILGARD, www.milgard.com.

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