Preconstruction Checklist

Save your team a headache by using this detailed pre-con list with clients before the job starts

April 20, 2020
dan bawden of legal eagle contractors shares his pre-construction checklist

We’ve used an extensive preconstruction checklist for awhile now, and it’s helped us time and again. The list is part of the handoff from Sales to Production, and we require that all decision-makers on the project be present and sign the document. Before going over the checklist, we walk the job and discuss the scope of work. We then explain each item, so the clients can understand that this is for their protection as well as ours.  

Here is a look at our checklist, with a more detailed explanation of various elements. 

Download your own copy here

About the Author

About the Author

Dan Bawden, a 30-plus-year veteran of the home improvement industry, is the president and CEO of Houston-based Legal Eagle Contractors, and is also the 2017 National Association of Homebuilders Remodelers chairman. 

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