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Peter Ranney, 39

An inspirational church sermon sparks a Forty Under 40 winner's passion for remodeling and charity.

April 05, 2021
Peter Ranney


Ranney Blair Home Renovations, Sunshine on a Ranney Day / Roswell, Ga. 

2020 Revenue: $1.8 Million

A Church Sermon Sparks a Passion: 

In 2012 at a church sermon, my wife Holly and I found our calling to use our God-given talents and resources to help people in our community. My wife was a buyer for a national furniture store for kids’ furniture, and her employer said she could use the samples for a charitable purpose. I had construction skills, so we created Sunshine on a Ranney Day with the idea that every child should have their own unique space.

As a child, your room is your safe space. Since 2012, we’ve done over 130 projects.

At first, we thought it was a weekend thing. We completed our first makeover for 11-year-old Mathew, who wanted to spend his last days in his military-themed bunker bedroom as he wanted to be in the Air Force someday. Mathew’s makeover and passing showed us how impactful a makeover could be on a child’s life. From a construction aspect, we’re painting a room and doing different design and construction updates. It certainly looks good, but it has a deeper meaning. As a child, your room is your safe space. Since 2012, we’ve completed over 130 projects.

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