Pelican Releases Industry's First Cooler to Separate Wet and Dry Storage

Plus, other ways to keep your phone safe from a job site's extreme weather

November 23, 2020
Pelican Industrial 14 QT Cooler

The phone has always been the sales lifeline for a remodeling business, but now the technology is basically the end-all, be-all for project details, contracts, scheduling, and keeping up with clients in real time. For project managers and business owners, quick access to your technology is crucial for keeping your operations running smoothly. But for the remodeling and home improvement industries, exterior projects sometimes means dealing with some unsavory weather that can wreck havoc on your equipment. 

Recently, Pelican released a 14QT Personal Cooler, the first cooler to separate wet and dry storage. In the dry compartment, pros can store their technology to keep it at a stable temperature while protecting it from the elements. Inside the lid, the cooler has a removable inner tray for electronic devices and flat personal items. The built-in easel slot for smartphones and tablets can keep the devices upright for hands-free use. The cooler also features a snap-in flexible lid organizer, a bottle opener with a magnetic to catch metal caps, and a wide-grip handle. With the 

 “[The cooler’s] industry leading wet/dry storage separation will keep your meal and drinks at the right temperature for a day and a half,” Stephan Corti, Pelican’s chief commercial officer, says. 

Never bring coolers this big to the job site or don’t have the budget to splurge on a $100 cooler? Other solutions include thermal regulation pouches made out of a reflective thermal barriers or cellphone cases that regulate heat and clip on to tool belts that are floating around the market. 

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