Office Built on Beliefs

Shirey Contracting’s commitment to environmentally sound construction carries over into its new office building.

August 24, 2000
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When Donna and Riley Shirey decided to move their home office out, Donna put together a list of criteria to help them find the right location for the commercial building they had planned. Nine years later, that building serves not only as home to the company's offices, but also as a testament to the kind of construction possible using products and techniques that Shirey Contracting ( uses everyday--products that are environmentally sound.


Shirey Place, the new home of Shirey Contracting and built with environmentally sound products.


"We believe in not consuming," Donna Shirey says. "We all need to cut back on consumption, and that's what we're doing here. People can come here and see how the products are used in construction. [We built it] because we believe in this way of building, and we use this on our projects all the time."

Shirey's new building incorporates the following products and techniques:







  • Enercept Super Insulated Panels,







  • System 2 Andersen windows. "We visited the ReNewal plant and saw the fabrication," she says.







  • Feng Shui, using master Angi Ma Wong.







  • Drought-resistant landscaping. "We''re on a timer and zoned, so it doesn't take water."







  • Radiant floor heating.







  • Rain water collection/storage system for year-round irrigation.


    Inside the company's new office space.


    The two-story, 8,000-square-foot building houses Shirey Contracting's offices, including a shop, which had been in the Shirey's garage. The company recently hired two additional staff members--an interior designer and a receptionist/estimator--so the move alleviated a space crunch at the house. Besides, says Shirey, "we're working diligently at having balance to our life."

    The building holds the Shirey office and shop--about 1,800 square feet--and one tenant. There's room for another tenant. Each has separate electrical meters, so each pays its own utility bills.

    The Shirey's own the building, which they lease to Shirey Contracting. The building is part of the couple's retirement plan.


    WDrought-resistant landscaping saves water.


    Mithun & Associates designed the building. Once the company was chosen, the Shirey's held a design contest for the architects at Mithun. "Ten young architects put in proposals," Shirey says. "They took 20 minutes to present their ideas using Enercept." The Shireys judged the designs and gave awards to the top three.

    Construction of the building started in January 1999, and in November the company moved in. This summer, Shirey Contracting held an open house for the new facility and anticipates coverage in the local press.

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