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NKBA's Top 4 K+B Trends for 2016

The National Kitchen & Bath Association has released the results of its 2016 Design Trends Survey, highlighting the latest design trends in kitchens and baths in American homes

January 20, 2016
Modern white kitchen

More than 450 association members participated in the NKBA's 2016 Design Trends Survey, providing information about materials, products, and design styles that they specified during 2015. The NKBA says nearly half of respondents reported that the average price of their kitchen projects was between $20,000 and $49,999, while average bathroom prices were between $10,000 and $29,999. The primary customer segments that survey respondents work with are empty nesters (around 30 percent) and multigenerational households and families with teenage children (20 percent).

For 2016, there's nothing earth-shatteringly new predicted, with this year's top trends being a continuation of consumer preferences established in 2015:

1. Style: For both kitchens and baths, transitional style is still the top pick among homeowners, with contemporary looks starting to gain more traction in kitchen design. 

2. Color: No big news here either. The most prevalent kitchen color schemes continue to be gray and white/off-white, with NKBA members reporting that pairing light/dark combinations, such as creamy whites with charcoal, is also popular. Mixing other colors into K&B designs is an emerging trend, so expect to see more of that "pop" of color that you've heard designers talk about. 

3. Storage: Clients want to make the most of their space, so simplified storage—pull-outs, tilt-ups, roll-outs, and hidden outlets—is increasingly popular in both kitchens and baths. 

4. Pet Power: Pets are a prime concern for homeowners. More than 60 percent of NKBA members report adding pet spaces to their clients' kitchen projects in 2015, including features such as built-in feeding stations, food storage, and crates.

The full 2016 NKBA Kitchen & Bath Design Trends Survey is available free to NKBA members at

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Just returned from KBIS and I saw lots of kitchen manufactures offering you-draw-it programs and custom-colorization programs. In addition, there was tons of transitional looks but they seemed to be trending towards more contemporary. I was especially intrigued by the combinations of wood, metal, and glass incorporated into the designs!  2016 promises to be an awesome year. 

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