Crimped flexible ducts

Photo courtesy EPA

Think you've seen it all when it comes to messed-up HVAC installations?

Old Way, New Way on a sign

Remodeling industry trainer and educator Shawn McCadden lists five common practices that he believes are holding back remodelers from becoming more professional

3D letters SEO on white background

Some tactics for boosting SEO have nothing to do with keywords, content, or tags

Safety harness symbol

Accidents like this one are a primary reason OSHA is tightening up safety enforcement at residential jobsites


Three examples on display at recent NARI Home Improvement Show

social media effectiveness

Sean MacEntee

Social media is only powerful with an effective strategy behind it

Silhouette behind jail cell bars

Worker's compensation insurance is an expensive cost of doing business and most contractors are always looking for ways to reduce that financial burden

Tradesman using bubble level

Resurging construction career-tech programs are successful, but need funding. 

POcket watch with broken arm ad sliding hours

Sandler sales trainer Chip Doyle takes a page from his new book to explain how to avoid five time-wasting behaviors

Line of candidates with one selected

Pursuing every potential project that comes your way seems sensible, but a lot of that time is wasted. Being more selective about the leads you follow will pay dividends in the long run


Attorney Andrea Goldman, of Goldman Law Group in Newton, Mass., suggests 10 changes remodeling contractors can make in 2016 to improve their business. We're betting that you aren't currently doing half of them.

40 Under 40 award

Celebrate yourself, a business partner, or an employee — anyone who brings innovation and positive change to the remodeling industry Enter  the 40 Under 40 here

Top Posts

The best posts in 2015 from John Jantsch and the team at Duct Tape Marketing

Energy Demand Duck Curve Graph

Energy Vanguard blogger Allison Bailes picks ten of his best from 2015

Clamshell package

Knife? Scissors? How do you open this stuff?

Solar panels on roof during construction

Courtesy Building Media Inc.

On its last working day of the year, Congress passed a bill that includes extensions for wind and solar systems, as well as other renewable energy technologies.

People talking

Understanding the types of people you meet at networking events will increase the odds of coming away with valuable business connections

Canadian forest from the air

Government of AlbertaPublic Domain

A recent story in the Guardian about tall wood structures attracted a bunch of reader comments that illustrate just how much misinformation about wood is floating around out there.

Chinese office complex patterned after Star Trek

Image courtesy Google Maps

The folks at have been keeping track of odd, off-beat, and just plain strange construction stories.

Jared Mellick in the studio for call-in radio show In The House

Jared Mellick, president and co-founder of Universal Roofing & Contracting, in the studio for his weekly Central Florida call-in radio show In The House. Photo: courtesy Universal Roofing & Contracting

Marketing gurus say branding campaigns are a waste of money for small companies. But branding is how some small home improvement companies got big

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