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A New Kind of Contractor Consultant

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A New Kind of Contractor Consultant

Briana Hetherington uses a culture and connection approach to help home improvement companies fulfill their potential

By Drew Barto January 16, 2024
Altruistic Advisory CEO Briana Hetherington
Photo: Altruistic Advisory CEO Briana Hetherington wants to revolutionize the home improvement industry.
This article first appeared in the January/February 2024 issue of Pro Remodeler.

Briana Hetherington is no stranger to hard work and success. She earned a Division 1 athletic scholarship to play lacrosse at Fresno State in California, then moved to Los Angeles, working stints as an assistant director for reality TV shows and scripted television productions. But she realized the entertainment industry wasn’t for her.

Something was missing.

That something was company culture. And she’s made that missing piece the focal point of her home improvement consulting business, Altruistic Advisory.

Breaking Into Home Improvement

Hetherington’s initial experience in the home improvement industry came in 2017 when she worked for AAPCO Family & Co, which had three divisions: Bath Planet of Richmond (one day bath), SolarTyme (solar), and AAPCO (roofing, siding, windows, gutters, sunrooms). She spent months observing the business before agreeing to work with them.

“I told the owner that he needed to re-establish a culture in his business,” recalls Hetherington. “It was going to take time to build, but I said I didn’t think I could help him unless he was willing to make these changes.”

After working to grow the company, Hetherington wanted to help more industry members focus on their mission and values.

My approach is very holistic and it’s transforming the home improvement industry to not revolve around ego.

She then connected with Bath Planet of New Jersey (now Bathroom Pros) and consulted for them. She assisted in growing their small operation into $1.2 million in monthly sales in 18 months.

“The culture and the processes were very intentional,” she says.

Taking a Chance on Herself

Still working full-time as her consulting plate grew fuller, Hetherington made her next big move—founding Altruistic Advisory in March 2023.

“I had no idea if I was going to have clients or what the full picture was going to look like,” says Hetherington. “I’m so grateful that nine months later I already have 45 clients and 85 strategic partnerships nationwide.”

Altruistic Advisory CEO Briana Hetherington

The partnerships are critical to her success. Her model is to learn where the holes in a home improvement business are from a product or process standpoint and tailor her recommendations to those needs. She then connects clients to experts in her network who can help.

“Connecting people sparks joy in me,” Hetherington says.

Discovering a Company’s Why

Part of Hetherington’s mission is to steer others toward success in the form of personal growth, financial freedom, purpose, and passion. And she takes pride in her different approach.

“My approach is very holistic and it’s transforming the home improvement industry to not revolve around ego,” she says. “The acceptance of mindset and belief systems plays a pivotal role.”

When she talks to a client for the first time, she doesn’t begin by asking about lead flow, closing rates, or profitability. She’ll get to that, but initially, she seeks to find their “why.”

“I want to know their vision, company culture, and core values,” Hetherington says. “Then we work to find ways to weave those things into their processes and customer experiences.”

What’s Her Why?

Speak with Hetherington for just a few minutes and you’ll immediately sense a genuine and intentional drive to help make others better in business and for themselves.

But in her own words, what’s her why?

“At the core of my mission lies a deep-rooted belief in fostering a transformative environment where success isn’t solely measured by financial gains, but by the fulfillment of that individual’s potential and the creation of meaningful impact,” she says. “There is nothing more valuable in this world than that.”

written by

Drew Barto

Drew Barto is director of home improvement for Pro Remodeler. He most recently served as the Director of Marketing at Energy Swing Windows in Pittsburgh. Contact him at dbarto@sgcmail.com or 412-607-7820.

Comments (4)

  • Submitted by Kyle Sellers (not verified) on Wed, 01/17/2024 - 16:25


    Briana, thank you for what you are doing and the approach you are bringing to our industry. We need it, and we appreciate you. Your courage to go independent and follow what you believe in, will add so much value to others as you leave your mark in the BEST way!

  • Submitted by Cathy (not verified) on Sun, 01/21/2024 - 10:03


    Briana Hetherington first has been an amazing daughter and her parents couldn’t be anymore proud of all that she has accomplished and most of all Who she is❤️❤️❤️

  • Submitted by Mieke Hansmeyer (not verified) on Fri, 01/26/2024 - 00:38


    Thank you for sharing! Really enjoyed reading how she took a different approach and perspective towards this industry and made a success. I'll always the remember the following “My approach is very holistic and it’s transforming the home improvement industry to not revolve around ego.”

    Greetings from: https://www.mhbathremodelersjc.com/

  • Submitted by Tommy Seski (not verified) on Fri, 05/31/2024 - 16:37


    Briana is one of those people you can tell off the bat when you talk to them that they're sincere, genuine, and truly care for others. When I was brand new to the home services industry, trying to learn whatever I could, I saw a post of hers and reached out to her, completely out of the blue. Despite her having a full plate, and no clue who I even was, she still took time out of her busy schedule to meet with me, and was truly present, which I'll never forget...because that's very rare these days. Not to mention, every client I speak with knows her, respects her, and can vouch that she's great at what she does.

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