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New and Notable: Roof System and Roofing

A list of products that are ideal for your next roofing project

December 16, 2014
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CertainTeed Apollo II Solar Roofing System
These 60-watt monocrystalline panels from CertainTeed can be installed as part of a new roof or integrated with an existing roof, with black frame, cells, and backsheet to blend in with the roof shingles. Each slim, 12-pound panel features open space underneath to allow for quick, easy wiring. Panels are also resistant to wind uplift. CertainTeed also offers Apollo Tile II to work with flat concrete tiles.
Duradek Ultra Legacy
This walkable vinyl membrane brings the look of finished wood to the roof or deck. Two new offerings-brown Barnwood and grey Driftwood-sport a slip-resistant, textured surface with none of the maintenance required with real wood. Barnwood creates a warm, retro look, while Driftwood appears more sun-bleached and weathered by the elements.
Tarco LeakBarrier UDL SA Underlayment
This peel-and-stick underlayment from Tarco sports three layers: The bottom layer is a modified bitumen compound that self-seals around nails and other fasteners; a split-back release film protects the bitumen until installation; and the top layer is synthetic, with high tensile and tear strengths and an anti-slip coat. Imprinted lay lines make for easier installation in shingles, shake, slate, tile, or metal roof applications. UDL SA is designed for steep roofs and can withstand temperatures up to 240º F.
DaVinci Single-Width Slate
DaVinci has upgraded its 12-inch single-width slate tiles for a more quarried appearance, courtesy of deeper impressions. This makes the tiles look thicker and fuller, even though they are the same weight as previous slate tiles. Eight different slate models are available, with a wide selection of color and blend options available.
GAF Cornell ThemaCal Nail Base Roof Insulation Panels
These roof panels from GAF are specially designed to aid insulation and ventilation of steep roofs and cathedral ceilings. Roof coverings connect to a pre-attached substrate, and excess moisture is released beforeit can condense. ThermaCal panels can fasten to a variety of roofing materials, including asphalt shines, tile, metal, or slate.
Gerard Premium Stone Coated Steel Roofing System
This 26-gauge galvanized steel roofing system from Gerard Roofing features an interlocking panel design for easy installation. Homeowners can get the look of any material they want-from asphalt shignle and clay tile to cedar shake or slate-with the enhanced durability of steel. Light roof colors reflect heat in the summer, and a dead air buffer zone insulates against heat loss in the winter.
Aledora Slate V-Series
Giving homeowners an alternative to real slate, these polymer tiles from Inspire Roofing come in varied widths to replicate different sizes of natural thick slate. The impact-resistant panels can be installed in natural, non-repeating straight or staggered patterns as desired. Seven different colors are available, with varying shades in each tile to further project a natural appearance. Panels are also lighter than real slate, reducing roof loads and protecting the structure underneath.
Quarrix Flex Vent Soft Roll
Non-woven, non-wicking polyester matting makes up this rolled ridge vent from Quarrix Building Products, allowing installation without fasteners. Once installed, Flex Vent Soft Roll will allow warm, moist air out of the attic while keeping animals and debris from getting in. The roll is best suited for metal and asphalt roofs. Rolls are 20 feet long and 10.5 inches wide and come with 1.75-inch coil nails.
Barricade Roof Pro
This synthetic roof underlayment from Barricade Building Products sports high tear resistance and a non-ski, cool gray surface. The underlayment lays flat and doesn't wrinkle, allowing quick and easy installation. Water-resistant rolls are 48 inches wide, delivery 14% more coverage per lap than 42-inch-wide synthetics and 33% more than 36-inch-wide felt. Roof Pro meets ASTM D226 standards.
Owens Corning DuraRide Hip & Ridge Shingles
Part of the Total Protection Roofing System, these shingles from Owens Corning are the company's first to incorporate SureNail Technology, which adds a layer of reinforcing fabric in the nailing zone. Each shingle features a tapered headlap and clean lines for added depth and dimension; shingles are warrantied to perform in winds up to 130 mph. Owens Corning offers the DuraRidge shingles in its full range of TruDefinition colors.

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