Neil Kelly Team completes the first Earth Advantage remodel certification training

Four members of Neil Kelly Company's design-build team have completed Earth Advantage’s first remodel certification training

July 23, 2013

Neil Kelly Company, a remodeling firm in the Pacific Northwest and a pioneer in sustainability, announced that four members of its design-build team have completed Earth Advantage’s first remodel certification training. The training, which took place in June, enables design and construction teams to use sustainable best practices and materials so that projects can be third-party certified.

The staff who completed the training are Yasmine Branden, vice president, production; Joel Fraley and Nate Ewing, design consultants; and Brian Silver, project manager. Other employees will attend additional trainings at a later date.

“We have seen a growing demand for remodeling projects that address a variety of environmental and energy concerns,” said Yasmine Branden. “We believe that homeowners will want the confidence of knowing that they – and future owners of the home -- are living in healthier, safer homes that are gentler on the environment. Based on the feedback we have seen, we expect that the certification will even add to resale value.”

Neil Kelly’s design consultants and project managers will work with homeowners to select the best designs and materials for their home so that it functions as a healthy, safe and sustainable living environment. Design consultants and project managers will educate homeowners on low-VOC finishes and materials, sustainable wood selection, indoor air quality, creating energy efficient spaces, solar power potential, and on combustion system, radon, and earthquake safety.

The Earth Advantage Remodel Certification was created to offer the option of certifying an existing home. Homes are first evaluated and then a plan is created to eventually bring the home to full certification. Earth Advantage utilizes a sustainability certification system based on five pillars of high performance building: energy, health, land, materials, and water.

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