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Larry Schaffert, CGR, discusses membership to the Remodelers Council.

April 30, 2000
Larry Schaffert, CGR, Schaffert Construction, Myersville, Md.


Q. When did you join the Remodelors Council?

A. I joined the Remodelors Council during my first year in business at the invitation of a fellow remodeler who was a member. I already knew the benefits of belonging to the builders association; I had been attending meetings for several years as an employee of another company. I joined that local BA immediately when I started my own business. As I soon discovered, there is a tremendous difference between being a carpenter for hire (how I started) and being the owner and operator of a respected local contracting firm ( As a business owner member, you come into direct contact with other professionals who specialize in working with contractors. My banker, attorney, insurance agent and accountant are all construction specialists who I met through our association. I joined the RC to become part of a peer group focused on the business of remodeling.

Q. What has been the greatest benefit of your membership?

A. For me, the greatest membership benefit has been the RC focus on professionalism and the availability of resources. Through various publications, the CGR certification program, and ongoing educational opportunities such as the Remodelers’ Show, the RC continues to provide me with many tools and information to further improve my skills and the skills of others in the remodeling industry. For example, I have received information on new regulations such as the lead paint disclosure requirements that must be followed by all remodelers working in certain homes. This is critical information to any remodeler working in older homes. The NAHB staff does the research for you, and keeps RC members up-to-date on regulations and trends that affect our industry. The many resources available to you as a member are a value that far exceeds the cost of your dues. My advice to anyone who is not a member already is to join your local council now and become active. If you do not already have a local RC in your area to join, the staff at NAHB RC will assist you in any way possible to start your own council or join as an at-large member. The RC is a resource you can’t do without.

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