Melding Modern Luxury with Functionality

April 14, 2014

Pauline Hartogh of Wetherlys Interiors was commissioned to design a luxurious yet practical, modern home for a family of four in Palm Beach Gardens, Fla. The family wanted the design of their home to blur the lines between indoor and outdoor living, which Hartogh accomplished while maintaining clean, contemporary lines.
Separated into three residential wings consisting of an interior breakfast room, family room, and club room, Hartogh seamlessly connected the indoors to the outdoors with an open kitchen that is in close proximity to the outdoor kitchen. To help streamline the open focus of the home, she implemented floor-to-ceiling glass windows, allowing for easy entertainment. Additionally, tropical landscaping further highlighted the versatile lifestyle Florida’s climate offers its residents. To incorporate a calming element, Hartogh designed a Chartes-inspired stone labyrinth for meditation.
Prior to beginning the project, Hartogh teamed up with the architect and builder to specify all the details, ranging from which materials and products to build with, down to the architectural finishing touches. When working with a new builder or client, she will oftentimes show them various stone samples to demonstrate the difference that installing a quality product makes. Hartogh reports that when using this side-by-side process, Eldorado Stone wins out every time because of its seamless joints and exact color palettes and consistent moldings.
For this project specifically, Eldorado Stone’s Dry Creek Stacked Stone turned out to be the product of choice for multiple reasons. It offered a modern appearance with its linear lines, and although it came in panels, it looks as if each stone is individually laid with care. Thus, Hartogh chose to adorn the entire exterior in Eldorado’s Dry Creek Stacked stone because of its impressive ability to further enhance the modern design of this residence in a creative, beautiful way. On the home’s interior, a candle wall featuring Eldorado’s Pearl White CoastalReef was installed in the master bathroom and was awarded the 2013 American Society of Interior Design Award—Bathroom Design, Transitional.
Needless to say, this project turned out to be a wild success, and Hartogh credits the success to the integration of Eldorado Stone’s products. Click to view more images of this project and other inspiring projects using Eldorado Stone.

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