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Megan Hoffman, 37 

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Megan Hoffman, 37 

This Forty Under 40 winner shares her journey on the remodeling rollercoaster.

April 5, 2021
Megan Hoffman

Vice President of Marketing and Operations

J.P. Hoffman Design Build / Bridgewater, Mass. 

 Megan HoffmanThe Remodeling Rollercoaster: 

As an event planner and relationship builder for a large, non-profit, amateur sports organization, I thrived on the fast-paced, sometimes hectic, but always rewarding job of organizing people, schedules, and budgets, with significant outcomes. It’s where my passion for helping homeowners comes from. 

There is no catch-all for a remodel, each homeowner’s needs are unique.

In 2018, I joined my husband Jason’s design-build firm. Working together, we found a mission that works both for our clients and family. Working with homeowners, I quickly realized how well the skills from my previous role translated, as our process is built on trust, communication, and partnership. Remodeling can be an emotional roller coaster—confusing and stressful; yet, at the same time exciting. There is no catch-all for a remodel, each homeowner’s needs are unique. Getting to know and guiding homeowners through their remodel fuels and fills me with joy. Also, I love rollercoasters. 

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