Matt Plaskoff on Metrics

February 01, 2006

These columns originally appeared in Professional Builder.


Measure What You Want to Improve

Measure what drives your goals. Inspect what you expect monthly. Identify weaknesses and repair them. Reward and celebrate success


Sales and Marketing Metrics

You can't afford not to pay attention to key indicators for sales and marketing. Study the numbers, ask yourself why you might be missing your targets and adjust


Does Your Team Measure Up?

Without measuring employee performance against benchmarks, you leave the possibility of success to chance


Administrative Metrics

Your administrative department must provide timely, accurate information for you to make important fiscal decisions such as whom to hire, how much to pay, what to buy (capital expenditures) and whether you can expand.


Estimating MetricsIf your business begins with sales and marketing, it can end with poor — or nonexistent — estimating.


Keeping Score on Your Metrics

Quarterly and yearly planning sessions fall under your strategic planning umbrella, and regular tracking gives you timely, accurate and plentiful data with which to work.


Your Metrics Road Map

The company plan should support and provide a road map for ownership's vision.




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