Master Suite Addition

A bad 1950s remodel and a duplex conversion had robbed the home built in 1913 of its original charm. The remodel included an addition which housed a family room on the first floor and combined two of the smaller bedrooms into a luxurious master suite.

May 31, 2007

Master Suite Addition
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Stepping It Up

Soft textures from cashmere throws, window sheers and silk accents help balance the rustic headboard with the fireplace surrounds. The chandelier adds grandeur and plays well off of the room's subdued coloe palette.
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Rick Bainbridge Jr. could see the potential in this four-square-style home when he bought it in 2005. A bad 1950s remodel and a duplex conversion had robbed the home, which was built in 1913, of its original charm.

"Overall, the house had good bones. It just needed work, mostly because it wasn't laid out well," the company CEO says.

Bainbridge made the focus of the Charlotte, N.C., home the master suite and was adamant through each plan revision the area remain a crown jewel. "We focused on the master suite because, while it was the most expensive area to redo, I felt it would be recouped," Bainbridge says.

Many master suites in the region tend to fall on the first floor, but he wasn't confident a first-floor location would give the suite the impact it needed. The team decided to position the suite directly off the staircase landing on the second floor.

"Creating the landing off of the staircase with the arched opening and the risers going up made it look really good," Bainbridge says.


The new master bedroom has touches that speak to both fashion and function, including a masonry fireplace and a washer and dryer in the new 10- by 10-foot walk-in closet.

The designer of the bathroom, Audrey L. Gammon, ASID, of Gammon Residential Design, says she organized the room to create symmetry and harmony. To make the space warm and soothing, she used bronze accents on the honed and filled limestone floor; dark mahogany furniture; and nickel plumbing fixtures.

"The furniture pieces become cabinetry and are reminiscent of a modernized European bathroom," she says. "All of the elements aided in creating a level of finish that made a new spa space with old-world accents."

Prior to starting the project, Bainbridge convinced the president and conductor of the local symphony to use the home as the showcase in the Symphony Guild ASID Designer House, a fundraiser used by symphonies nationwide.

The resulting 1,000 square feet suite was such a draw that it sold very shortly after the fundraiser.

"I think the products had a lot to do with how successful this project was," Bainbridge says. "Though they're new, they still characterize the spirit of the home and help the interior of the addition blend with the existing home."


The bathroom has small elements - such as a glass tile border around the shower and the limestone border detail around the tub that add spatial definition to each of its areas.

Master Suite Addition

REMODELER AND ARCHITECT: The Bainbridge Crew, Charlotte, N.C.
AGE OF HOME: 94 years
SCOPE OF WORK: Two-story addition, with the focus on the master suite

Products List

Faucets, Fixtures & Sinks: Kohler Paints & Stains: Sherwin-Williams Millwork & Molding: Flex Trim Vanities: Wellborn Windows: Pella

Stepping It Up

An additional staircase to the master suite helps set it apart from the other rooms on the second floor and make the space even more luxurious. The Bainbridge Crew team was lucky to have extra space in the staircase, the closets and dressing room in the existing home to use for an 8-foot hallway off of the second floor landing. "Adding those five risers and the double doors really do a lot without losing a lot," he says. "The access in the turnaround prevented us from losing one of the bedrooms, and we didn't have to cut into those walls."

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