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Jackson Design & Remodeling's showroom in San Diego

We talked with remodelers about what it takes to build, maintain, and operate a showroom, and how it fits into the way they do business

Thumbs up or down? Online reviews left unchecked have the potential to ruin your reputation

An online rant by some unhappy, embittered, or enraged customer may be on the cards at some point for your company, but you can take steps to limit the fallout

full-service remodeler toolbelt

Small projects lead to bigger projects, and staying in regular contact with past clients will ensure that you are the go-to person for that work

How to make your website stand out to younger consumers

tips for remodelers to get more online leads

Websites have two audiences: search engines and people. Here’s how to satisfy both to improve  your ranking, increase traffic, and generate more quality leads

person using smartphone

If you're like most remodeling companies, you can put your company Facebook page to better use as a marketing tool.

If you've never googled yourself or your company, give it a try. Do you like what you see? Will potential clients?

Images are critical to success with social media. But the specs for optimal size and format is not the same for every platform.

Yelp sticker on business door.

Yelp lawsuit raises the question: Do online reviewers have the right to remain anonymous?

Reputation tracker software helps you manage your company's online reputation.

A bad rating that goes unnoticed online can do extensive damage. Time to take charge

Control what potential customers get to know first about your business

Get remodeling prospects to flip the switch and answer your calls to action online.

What's more important than increasing the number of potential clients who visit your website? Increasing the number who answer your calls to action

One marketing concept can be iterated into 10 different things

It's essential for remodelers to have a presence on online referral sites.

It’s not enough to just have a presence on Houzz and Porch. You have to do it right

Technology Innovations Remodelers Can Look Forward To

Google Cardboard brings virtual reality to the bidding process in a simple way. Photo courtesy of Google from the Google Cardboard website.

These nifty tools and tech advancements may help you in planning, bidding, and more

Man using 35 mm SLR camera

Photo: flickr.com

Project photos send a powerful message. Here are six ways to use them in your marketing

Marketing: How to Write a Killer Press Release

Some editorial tips for do-it-yourself remodeler marketers.

Sales: How To Protect Your Plans and Specs from Going to Another Contractor

Photo via Pexels.com

Make these considerations when pitching your plans to potential clients.

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