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Are You a Farmer or a Hunter?

Industry advisor Mark Richardson says that over the last year, there’s been a major shift in the remodeling business from a farming mentality to a hunting skill set


Breaking Through the Brand

Three remodeling companies share their motivations, stories, and experiences of redefining their outward identities for the next stage of growth

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Men Spend More, Women Spend More Regularly

And two other interesting remodeling facts from HomeAdvisor’s latest report

Facebook Update: Algorithm Change Prioritizes Video

Video posters should start paying extra close attention to these three ranking factors

Using Smart Campaigns

An affordable, targeted marketing campaign in minutes

Being A Good Neighbor

There are little touches that can create opportunity for many remodelers 

Death by Discount

A 5% discount couldn’t hurt that much, could it?

Doing It All

In 2018, ResiCap brought in $483 million with a myriad of services including renovating hundreds of homes across dozens of states.

Next, Do This

The rise of instructional content on YouTube and Instagram and what the people producing it (and watching it) think you should know. 

Enter Here

Every client’s experience with a newly renovated space asks a question about how well reality measures up to imagination

Facebook Watch: Lead Gen and Booking

In eight weeks, one company generated 3,000 leads using this new Facebook Messenger feature

Lessons from the Recession

Four DreamMaker remodelers share what they learned from surviving the recession

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