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Are You a Farmer or a Hunter?

Industry advisor Mark Richardson says that over the last year, there’s been a major shift in the remodeling business from a farming mentality to a hunting skill set


Breaking Through the Brand

Three remodeling companies share their motivations, stories, and experiences of redefining their outward identities for the next stage of growth

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10 Ways to Use One Piece of Content for Marketing

One marketing concept can be iterated into 10 different things

Online Referral Sites Are the New Must

It’s not enough to just have a presence on Houzz and Porch. You have to do it right

Technology Innovations Remodelers Can Look Forward To

These nifty tools and tech advancements may help you in planning, bidding, and more

Marketing: More Ways to Use Photographs in Your Marketing

Project photos send a powerful message. Here are six ways to use them in your marketing

Sales: How To Protect Your Plans and Specs From Going to Another Contractor

Make these considerations when pitching your plans to potential clients.

Sales: Don’t Devalue Yourself, Charge for Designs and Bids

Many remodelers will include the time and energy they use for designing a project as part of their marketing efforts. Reality is, designing is a…

Marketing: How Remodelers Can Increase Their Web Conversions

Marketing Wing explains how remodelers can increase their web conversion rate – a measurement to see how many visitors to a site are taking the…

Technology: How to Make an Inforgaphic in an Hour or Less

Infographics are informative eye-candy that’s easily shared on social media. In other words, the perfect content. Good news is, you don’t need a…

Marketing: Your Brand Must Own a Single Word

Owning a word can help you stay true to your brand’s identity

Marketing: Amazon Is Entering the Referral Market

Amazon’s new service is sure to have an impact on the home improvement industry

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