digital marketing for remodelers

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Understand your company's digital marketing opportunities. 

The last few years have been an unprecedented challenge for most remodeling firms. Some companies, though, have found a way to thrive. Professional Remodeler profiles six firms that are making it work.

This month's Corner Office features Father & Son Construction in Detroit

Using abandoned phone numbers can help remodelers pick up business from companies that have closed down

Although reaction to the tax credits is mixed, remodelers all agree that the key to judging success is if the stimulus improves the economy

How can you build your remodeling company into a brand in your market? Professional Remodeler's Tom Swartz talked to two companies that have successfully done that in two competitive markets.

With a sputtering economy and crashing home prices, it's a good time to take a back-to-basics approach to marketing and work on mining your most lucrative lead source: past clients. Here are 13 ways to get referrals that reward.

Remodeling companies are running small sales operations

Repeats and referrals dominate in the remodeling industry

John Murphy of Murphy Bros. in Minneapolis and Bernie Smith of MasterWorks Atlanta discuss the pros and cons of green remodeling

Strite Design + Remodel has come up with a new program that encourages its trade contractors to refer more business.

How a remodeler is using co-op marketing to get more bang for his buck

The Sandler Selling System shows the proper way to set and reach your goals.

Remodelers invest in marketing and relationships to boost sales

Trade secrets from the remodeling industry

Before the end of the year, write a disciplined and actioinable marketing plan for your remodeling firm

Home improvement radio shows are an effective way for remodelers to market to new customers; using your Web site to partner with a TV station; offering "green" workshops

Trade secrets from the remodeling industry

Sales and marketing don't always go hand in hand. How does a remodeler balance the two when it comes to budget?

Information for building a better remodeling Web site with SEO; marketing with financing; and going green by reducing, reusing and recycling.

Grassroots marketing is a way organizations can get exposure for their remodeling company by being active in their community by giving of their time, treasure and resources. This involves the conscious effort of an organization and can lead to stronger relationships within the company and the community.

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