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Are You a Farmer or a Hunter?

Industry advisor Mark Richardson says that over the last year, there’s been a major shift in the remodeling business from a farming mentality to a hunting skill set


Breaking Through the Brand

Three remodeling companies share their motivations, stories, and experiences of redefining their outward identities for the next stage of growth

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Marketing: Leverage What's Working

Make sure you know where most of your leads come from, then find ways to use other marketing channels to reinforce that prime source

How Many Leads Are Enough?

The number of leads you need depends on how well prospects are screened, how many sales you close, the average size of those sales, and your revenue target 

Back Door SEO

Some tactics for boosting SEO have nothing to do with keywords, content, or tags

10 Common Mistakes Small-Business Owners Make on Social Media

Social media is only powerful with an effective strategy behind it

Who’s No.1? Why Your Place in Organic Search Results Matters

A recent book makes the point that if your business isn’t on the first page of Google's organic search results, it doesn’t exist—for anyone online, at least (which is pretty much everyone)


Bull or Bear?

A look at three tech stocks that affect remodelers

The Value of Video in Remodeling Marketing

Using video on its website homepage, Texas remodeling company Euro Design Build Remodel has found a new way to engage visitors


Plentiful Payback: Awards Program Boosts Home Tour Success

As far as local public relations campaigns go, this one for Remodeling Council members in the greater Des Moines area definitely counts as a winner

Battle of the Brands

Marketing gurus say branding campaigns are a waste of money for small companies. But branding is how some small home improvement companies got big

'Tis the Season for Home Improvement

Holidays present some unique opportunities for marketing, managing, selling, or just giving back

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