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Understand your company's digital marketing opportunities. 

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Google+ has struggled to pull users away from Facebook, but it should not be ignored. 

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Another reason to manage your online profile: Nearly 8 in 10 American adults read consumers reviews before buying

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Duct Tape Marketing's John Jantsch boils down marketing into seven phases that he calls "The Marketing Hourglass." 

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Understanding how the brain works is a key element of practicing effective marketing.

“I found you online” is too vague of an answer to understand how to distribute marketing resources for your business.

PowerTips: Making a Positive First Impression

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Skills every remodeler should have aren’t limited to the technical; people skills are a must when dealing with new clients.

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First-time homebuyers stand a better chance in home bidding wars as the amount of all-cash purchases decline and the elimination of post-payment interest rates.

Social media engagement for remodeling professionals, remodelers

Remodeler’s Advantage says that the best social media marketing is when it makes your brand top-of-mind when someone is ready to do a project.

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Who does the home check-up on your customers’ houses?

Most brands and companies give consumers the option for weekly – or daily – updates sent to their inbox. But there is a right and wrong way of doing this.

Research: Sustaining Lead Generation

Seventy-one percent of respondents to the 2014 Professional Remodeler Business Leads Survey reported their lead generation increased for the first half of 2014 when compared with all of 2013.

Research shows leads have increased year-over-year as methods remain tried-and-true.

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8 more learned lessons to wrap up this four-part article on ways you can lose money in remodeling.

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