Marketing: How Referring Clients to Competitors Can Help You

It helps you engage with customers and highlights your confidence in your services

February 26, 2015

Giving clients away to competitors isn’t as unconventional as it sounds. Digital Spark Marketing uses online shoe company Zappos as an example of how it can benefit your business.

When a visitor to the site can’t find the specific shoe they want, the company will refer them to another business that stocks exactly what the customer is looking for.

“Zappos’ 'refer to competitor' tactic (when they don’t have an item in stock) reflects an incredibly strong customer-centric DNA,” says Digital Spark Marketing. “The primary focus is not only to maximize revenues but to get the customer exactly what they’re looking for.”

When you incorporate this interaction with clients asking for services you can’t accommodate as a remodeler, this boosts your chances of word of mouth marketing, creates community with other businesses and clients in your area, as well as highlights your confidence in the services you have to offer.

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