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A Blueprint For Business Success

Practices, principles, and processes that design-build businesses and home improvement companies alike share to reach their growth goals

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3 Tips for Charging for Estimates

Free estimates hurt your company in multiple ways 

Doing Things Right

What makes the Houston Remodelers Council so effective

Achieving Expertise

Keeping a beginner’s mindset has helped Sarah Henry build upon the strong foundation at Gaspar’s Construction

A New Decade

Why it’s important to look beyond 2020, and how to organize your thinking for the next 10 years

Gaining Leads Through Radio

Radio is a great way to reach an older demographic. Here’s what you need to know. 

The Hardest Type of Remodeling

CraftJack asked 1,600+ contractors what the most physically demanding job was, and they said...

Shockwave Jam

Autonomous vehicles are already on our roads, but your company will never run itself

Who Will Fire You?

For company owners who control the process, getting fired means freedom. Here are five tips to think about when preparing for that day.

Tear Down Your Process

... to build up your company. But what’s needed for a successful tear-down meeting?

Are Early Payment Discounts Worth It?

You bet they are. In fact, you can borrow to pay in time to get the discount and still come out ahead.

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