We don’t question the problems, or if we do, we procrastinate making fixes

The industry’s labor problem has been a hot topic of conversation for many years. Rather than continue to rehash the same old debate, Professional Remodeler, along with Professional Builder, has teamed with the Home Builders Institute and...

Bill Medina, CGR, represents all that remodeling excellence embodies.

During an initial meeting with a potential client, a remodeler notices that the homeowners are having difficulty visualizing the project from his sketches.

Quality management practice has a simple goal: customer satisfaction.

The NAHB Research Center is celebrating the release of the 10th edition of its Directory of Accessible Building Products

When taking over the family remodeling business from a father, a woman must overcome a whole set of obstacles - owning a company in a male-dominated industry and filling a father’s shoes.

About 88 percent of remodelers have Internet access, although only 23 percent use it for lead generation.

Ken Kanline, director of the Chrysalis Awards and owner of the Southern Building Show, offers remodelers advice on how to enter and win design award programs.

It’s not too early to register for the Remodelers’ Show, which will be held in the revitalized city of Detroit.

The search for appropriate security held up one remodeler’s launch of a computer network, but according to Mike Fast, the delay and the extra effort has already paid off in peace of mind.

Now that you've discovered dozens of Web sites that interest you--for both business and personal reasons--how do you keep on top of the moving pile?

Last week, we talked about HousingZone project and development manager Todd Shraiberg’s idea that the new home builder will be capturing e-commerce through the use of community intranets.

Remodelers, as with most entrepreneurs, often have children interested in the business. Some children have no interest, although that may change later in their lives. In either case, owners with children never stop thinking about succession.

Strategic plans are often compared to roadmaps, guiding a company to its destination. What makes a strategic plan successful, however, isn’t the journey. It’s the destination.

Effective use of the Internet is no longer a helpful perk--it's a necessary business tool. Spin your own Web by learning to search the Internet efficiently and hone in quickly on the information you need.

Rod Sutton discusses the process of selecting a facilities planner for his local high school's renovation project.

Help your clients understand how to maintain the investment in a completed project.

Handing your clients a completion binder at the end of a project conveys professionalism and ensures repeat business.

Larry Schaffert, CGR, discusses membership to the Remodelers Council.

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