We don’t question the problems, or if we do, we procrastinate making fixes

Remodelers don’t have to spend a fortune to promote their businesses.

Stan Ehrlich is leaving remodeling to start a financial-planning company and offers lessons he has learned during the past 15 years.

Remodelers serious about quality in customer satisfaction already have the post-construction survey in their arsenal.

The overwhelming majority of midlife and older Americans want to remain in their homes as long as possible, according to an AARP survey called “Fixing to Stay.”

I feel challenged in my business by the multitude of questions, information and advice.

Westhill Inc. gives customers personal attention long after their remodeling projects are done.

Paul Sullivan, CGR: Certified Graduate Remodeler Profile

Tom Swartz, CGR and owner of J.J. Swartz Co. in Decatur, Ill., knows a thing or two about selling. His third-generation remodeling business has annual sales of $5 million. Swartz offers 10 tips for choosing first-rate salespeople.

Last year, remodeler John Maka laid out his key concerns for keeping his business successful and growing. His worries focused on some of the typical difficulties that remodelers face: finding qualified labor, paying competitive wages, organizing and sc...

A professional remodeler, one who is financially successful and whose business is stable, “knows his numbers.” That means the company’s financial health can be determined by examining the profit and loss statement, general ledger and other reports.

Team building. An image of an Outward Bound-type adventure may spring to mind: co-workers shooting through churning rapids, rowing their oars in unison.

When candidates apply for a job at Stronghold Construction in Boise, Idaho, they face a dilemma unlike that confronted at almost any other company. They have to determine if they're a lion, otter, golden retriever or beaver.

Even in the scorching 100-degree summer of Las Vegas, remodeling work doesn’t stop. Elaine Martin, managing partner of Michael T. Martin General Contractors, offers advice to remodelers who must manage employees working in summer heat.

Paul Sullivan, CGR, The Sullivan Co., Newton Highlands, Mass

Raymond McNealy, vice president of Rockville, Md.-based McNealy Corp., took three months and several hundred working hours to choose the right designer for his remodeling business’s Web site.

Creating a Web site for your remodeling business doesn't require a lot of technical know-how.

Bill Medina, CGR, was presented with the 2000 Remodeler Pinnacle Award on June 14 in Salina, Kan. Medina, along with members of the local community, clients and media, celebrated the award at the offices of Medina Construction during a reception.

The remodeling process throws the client's household into an uproar. Stress levels rise, tempers can shorten, and all the preconstruction conversation tends to fade into distant memory. Even for those who fully understand what turmoil awaits, they face...

Tom Poulin’s sales consultants take financing applications during sales calls. He’s found that for Poulin Design Remodeling in Albuquerque, N.M., the service is a great closing technique.

A couple of months ago, we bragged a bit about the terrific effort on the part of our local Remodelors Council to introduce high schoolers to remodelers, showing them the variety of career opportunities available in this industry

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