We don’t question the problems, or if we do, we procrastinate making fixes

Females could alleviate shortage of workers.

What concerns you most about your business? Labor shortfalls? Rising costs? Computerizing business operations? Practical uses for the Web in your business?

Designed for small to midsize construction companies, the NAHB's 'Construction Safety Program Manual: A Guide for Home Builders and Contractors' eliminates the need to hire an additional employee to implement a safety program.

Dan Bawden, CGR, CGB, JD Legal Eagle Construction, Houston

Jan Dell, CGR, Peter Dell Custom Remodeling Inc., Yakima, Wash.

Winning the National Remodeling Quality Award in 1996 started J.J. Swartz Co. down a path it continues to walk.

To save money on T-shirts and hats with his company logo, Patrick Franz of Clairmont Ltd. in Hinsdale, Ill., used Lands’ End. He did the initial legwork to prepare the logo.

Don’t let common marketing mistakes take away from your professional image and ability to attract new customers.

New online tools for remodelers

So, you’ve decided to join the Internet boom and establish an online presence for your business. This is a smart move. Many of your toughest competitors are there and prospering already.

What is full-spectrum marketing? According to Tom Kelly of Neil Kelly Designers/Remodelers in Portland, Ore., it’s a comprehensive approach to marketing, and it works for his company.

As more remodelers use the Internet to speed up their businesses, the need for Internet security increases. Here are Internet safety tips from Mike Fast, CGR, president and CEO of MRF Construction.

Tapping into available student summertime labor is one common way to relieve a remodeler’s workload, in the office or the field.

Remodelers Advantage puts together a series of roundtables for production managers that brings the power of networking to the employee level.

Bob Bell employs only two, but he’s built a benefits package that rivals many larger remodelers. And it doesn’t cost him an arm and a leg

Island retreats create special challenges for remodeling.

Construction industry professionals all over the country are using hand-held electronic devices to better integrate office operations with work in the field.

'Reduce and reuse are the big words for remodeling,' says Peter Yost, author of 'Waste: A Field Guide for Remodelers.' The guide offers tips for setting up a waste management and recovery plan.

Alternatively, remodelers and contractors should consider buying their own customized Web sites. These sites can help showcase your firm's major projects, customer testimonials, areas of expertise and specialization, as well as training and awards.

Russel Caldwell, CGR, GMB, of Caldwell Construction Inc. in Springfield, Mo., explains how his company deals with labor issues.

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