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A Blueprint For Business Success

Practices, principles, and processes that design-build businesses and home improvement companies alike share to reach their growth goals

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Shaping Solutions

Remodelers are looking at their processes rather than relying on a quick fix 

NARI Chairman Offers Tips, Tricks, and More in New Video Series

NARI Chairman Robi Kirsic helps businesses find their way through the global pandemic

Can Your Business Survive Another Month Like This?

It's time to reinvent your business. Here's how.

New Index Shows Coronavirus Impact on Remodeler Confidence

Remodeler confidence hits a nine-year low

The Human Touch

Employees will lose confidence when there’s an information vacuum

Preconstruction Checklist

Save your team a headache by using this detailed pre-con list with clients before the job starts

Insights Combined

3 reasons to implement personality and skill testing into your hiring process

Maximizing Profitability Across Stages of Growth

Use these flowcharts to gain insights into your company’s staffing and the role of each team member

How West Shore Home Protected Itself Against COVID-19

BJ Werzyn, whose company operates in several states, explains how he was able to protect his business in the early days of COVID-19 in the US, and how his executives are using Facebook to stay engaged with worried employees

Kansas City Remodeler Talks Business Adjustments During COVID-19

Owner, designer, and project manager Mary Thompson shares some of her biggest COVID-19 concerns, including the impact of the Families First Coronavirus Response Act

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