Management: 3 Business Partners Every Business Needs

April 16, 2015

Working in an environment of collaboration and support helps your business thrive. According to Marketing Consultant John Jantsch, the best way to create this environment is to create partners.

Partners don’t always need to be employees within your company, and they don’t need to have a financial relationship with your business to be seen as collaborators for your remodeling business’ success.

“For example, I once worked with an electrical contractor, heating and cooling contractor and plumbing contractor that carried each other’s marketing materials and offers in the service techs trucks,” Jantsch writes. “At the end of each call, the technician was incentivized to pitch the other businesses with a coupon. This effort effectively doubled the amount of leads each organization received almost overnight.”

Jantsch sees that there are three very specific categories of partners that every business must intentionally develop. Find out what they are at Duct Tape Marketing.

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