Management: 10 Business-Building Tips from Art Gensler

November 05, 2015

Art Gensler, founder of the world's largest architecture and design firm, talks about the keys to his company's success.

Sometimes success is a matter of being in the right place at the right time, and Gensler's first tip, as reported by, is to take advantage of every opportunity. The advice stems from two chance meetings, one with Steve Jobs and the other with former JetBlue CEO David Neelman, that led to long-term business relationships that boosted Gensler's profile.

Another tip -- embrace small projects -- stems from a request by an early client to choose an ash tray to complement a building's interior design. The story sums up Gensler's attitude toward small projects this way: "Somebody's got to design it. It might as well be us."

For the rest of Gensler's tips, including hiring top talent, building company culture, and focusing on retention, go to

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