Manage Your Online Reputation Using This Tracking Tool

A bad rating that goes unnoticed online can do extensive damage. Time to take charge

June 02, 2015
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Reputation tracker software helps you manage your company's online reputation.

Online reviews are a fact of remodeling life these days. All remodelers hope for great rankings, but good or bad, the important thing is knowing when someone has posted a review of your business. Many remodelers don’t realize that most review sites use publicly available data to create profiles of small businesses without the business owner’s knowledge. A bad rating that goes unnoticed on one of those profiles can do extensive damage.

One solution is Review Trackers software. The application searches more than 50 online review sites—including Google+, Yelp, Houzz, and HomeAdvisor—and associates the profiles it finds with a subscriber’s company address. It then compiles all of the review links into a single dashboard that shows the actual ratings received. The service is customizable, so users can request immediate e-mail alerts for negative reviews only, for example, but receive summary reports for positive reviews at less frequent intervals.

That’s the responsive side of the coin; on the preventive side, the software includes a set of tools and customizable templates to help subscribers generate ratings from customers who have had a good experience. If a client has a negative experience, the program helps to generate feedback on what could have been better, giving subscribers an opportunity to correct the situation before the customer posts a negative review. The company is currently piloting an app that will enable a remodeler to get a signed rating from a customer on the spot, via iPad.

A single-location subscription to Review Trackers costs $29 per month and includes multiple log-ins. 

About the Author

About the Author

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