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Lowe's Launches New Tool Rental Program for Pros

Remodelers and home improvement professionals can now rent equipment they need for a unique job.

August 25, 2020
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Lowe's has launched a new tool rental service for Pros and DIY customers. The company has begun its multi-year, nationwide rollout of the new tool rental departments in Charlotte, N.C., with the opening of the first space on August 20.

“As the new home for Pros, offering tool rental is just another way we are committed to keeping them working,” Fred Stokes, senior vice president of Pro Sales and Services for Lowe’s, says. “Whether a Pro’s tool fails on the job, needs a repair or they’re looking to try something new, tool rental will allow them to get back to the jobsite faster, saving them time and money.”

A brand-new fleet of commercial grade equipment for rent at Lowe's

Built as extensions to an existing store or in a space next to them, the new departments will feature newly-constructed 4,000 square feet of space with fully equipped mechanic shops that will service tools, provide on-site cleaning, and act as a product demo area. 

To prepare for the launch, Lowe's invested in a brand-new fleet of commercial grade equipment. According to Lowe’s video on the program, priceing for tool rental varies by product and length of rental. For example, if you rent an orbital sander, it omes in at about $60 a day per tool. There is no limit on how many tools you can rent, Lowe's confirmed. Brands include Husqvarna, Bosch, Metabo HPT, and more. Tool rental associates at the in-store kiosk can help with questions as well as provide tool demonstrations, which renters can request at the time of pick up or during the reservation process. 

Lowe's Rental Page

Users can search by category on the rental webpage for the store in Charlotte, N.C.

In addition to visiting the in-store kiosks, pros can rent tools online and pick-up/drop-off using a curbside service. Lowe's also offers digital document signing via a mobile device for limited contact and an online reservation service. On the online rental portal, pros can search by tool categories such as augers, power tools, tile saws, and concrete tools. Protective equipment and cleaning tools are also available. Renters can check if a tool is available and choose dates to see the price for their project timeframe. If a pro fails to pick up a reserved tool, a Lowe’s associate remind them via email and/or phone, and the reservation will be held up to an hour after the rental start time.  

Here’s how to rent with Lowe's Tool Rental Service: 

  1. Select a desired tool, confirm the dates, and rent online.
  2. Receive a rental confirmation email with next steps.
  3. Pick up the rental in-store with a valid ID and credit card.

According to the tool rental page on Lowe's’ website, pros can rent the tools past the scheduled return date by calling a tool rental associate. From there, the associate will adjust the payment to reflect the extended timeframe. If a tool is broken during the job, renters can return the product and exchange it for a new one according to the terms of the contract, which may include a fee depending on the damage. 


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Usually we rent tools from a local independently owned and operated tool shed both to suppor the local economy and keep the dollars in circulation and because the Home Depot rental department have heavy duty tools such as a core drill and stand only at a few select stores that are hours away from our jobs.

Wow! Tool rental at Lowe’s That’s great ! If I lived in North Carolina! I’m in San Diego , why am I wasting time reading this mail. All the spying these marketing companies do and they don’t know I’m in San Diego ?

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