Häfele Loox LED Cabinetry Lighting

Häfele Loox LED Cabinetry Lighting

Loox LED lighting can be incorporated into kitchen design under cabinets, over sinks, inside drawers and more.

When light strikes a surface, some of the light is absorbed. Because of lower reflectance, absorption is higher. Lighter-colored stone and surfaces can reflect light better than darker surfaces. The color of the surface is a trade-off between visual and environmental impact.

The environmental impact of lighting consists of three basic components: emissions from electricity generation powered by fossil fuels, material used (and disposed of) in the lighting equipment, and any potentially hazardous content in that material.

All three series feature minimum color rendering indexes of 80, are meant for indoor applications, and come in three color temperatures.

All are available in painted mercury glass or café tint glass for a rustic yet modern look.

Kits include the Solar Lens Roof Dome, leak-proof roof flashing, adjustable skylight tubes, mirror finish tubs, ceiling trim ring, and low-profile lens diffuser.

Both fixtures offer a 40,000-hour lifespan and include a pure white light, controlled beam spread with no fade or drop off of light, and a high color rendering index.

The bulb uses 80 percent less energy than a traditional incandescent, lasts 13.7 years.

The Asset collection features a smart profile designed to serve as a style asset for interior settings.

The standard Lutron 1-percent dimming driver is compatible with Lutron controls.

Ideal above countertops, it provides a diffused glow for even illumination and offers a truer reflection of the color of the object.

Custom settings will automatically dim lights or turn preselected lights on and off with the touch of a button.

They’re designed to fit almost any manufacturer’s recessed can-style housings for easy retrofitting.

The three-light chandelier comes with gently waved, chrome-finished arms topped with flawless solid K9 optic crystal accents and Opal glass shades.

It works in single pole or three-way applications and is rated for a variety of loads.

Two of Kichler’s newest decorative lighting collections feature geometric-patterned art glass for the kitchen.

Big Ass Fans has added an LED light module to its popular Haiku ceiling fan, adding to its Energy Star rating.

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This new aperture LED boasts 38 input watts that deliver an impressive 2750 lumens.

This exterior door system consists of two perforated, sliding, powder-coated aluminum panels that allow users to have total control over light and privacy levels in the home.

Available in Therma-Tru’s Classic-Craft American Style and Canvas collections, these decorative sidelites complement Craftsman style entryways.

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