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LED lights close up

With initial cost for bulbs coming down, there just aren’t any good reasons left for not making the switch to LEDs

A sketch of some of the most common LED bulb shapes available.

Illustration: Doug Walter

A look at the most common bulb shapes available and a cost comparison of bulb types over time

Progress Lighting’s Derby LED light marries Craftsman styling and LED technology

100 Best New Products of 2014: Interior Products

The top interior products from the past year based on Professional Remodeler reader feedback.

Warm white LED light diffuses evenly through a snap-on frosted lens.

iluma LED Rail Lighting

The LED system uses approximately 80-percent less energy than incandescent bulbs.

Häfele Loox LED Cabinetry Lighting

Häfele Loox LED Cabinetry Lighting

Loox LED lighting can be incorporated into kitchen design under cabinets, over sinks, inside drawers and more.

When light strikes a surface, some of the light is absorbed. Because of lower reflectance, absorption is higher. Lighter-colored stone and surfaces can reflect light better than darker surfaces. The color of the surface is a trade-off between visual and environmental impact.

The environmental impact of lighting consists of three basic components: emissions from electricity generation powered by fossil fuels, material used (and disposed of) in the lighting equipment, and any potentially hazardous content in that material.

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