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September 30, 2006

Amsco Windows


The Serenity Series line of sound deadening and control windows by Amsco are made to regulate outdoor sound transmission in heavy transportation, airport or industrial areas. The window series is engineered with various glass widths using a triple glaze design to block invasive sound. The line offers an improvement on typical double-pane or dual-glazed glass windows and ranges in STC ratings from 40 to 47 rather than typical dual- glazed window ratings of 28 to 35. Single, double-hung and other configurations are available.



Custom wood screens are available from Jeld-Wen to fit in radius style and casement windows. The frames are made with pine, Douglas fir, mahogany or red alder and the screen is made with charcoal fiberglass screen cloth with an 18 x 16-inch mesh that resists denting. The wood screens are made to be interchangeable with the company's aluminum screens.




The TruScene insect screens from Andersen are made of a high-strength stainless steel material that offers more transparency than standard insect or mesh screens. The mesh-like material is 40 percent more dense than other Andersen screens and is backed by a 10-year transferable warranty.



Anodized window finishes from WeatherShield are now available for windows. The anodized windows require no clear coat or ongoing treatment. There's no galvanic corrosion risk when it is next to other metals and it will not leave copper run-off stains. It meets AAMA 611 Class I specifications. Colors include champagne, light bronze, medium bronze, dark bronze, extra-dark bronze, black and copper.


Crystal Windows


Made with the company's ThermoBlock construction and Energy-Star compliant, Crystal Window's 200 series vinyl replacement window features insulating air barriers and is made in double-hung, bay, bow, slider and casement configurations. It measures 314 inches at frame depth and PPG insulated glass spacers. The series also has tilt-out sashes, two-tone colors and decorative grids.


EGP's Thermique

The Thermique heated windows from EGP conduct heat through a transparent conductive oxide coating and copper buss bars that are applied to the glass during fabrication. The coating is heated via a controller and is uniformly heated across the entire pane. The controller cuts off power if it senses a fault or crack in the glass.




Architectural casement windows from Fen-Tech are coated with the company's Truth E-Gard-coated hardware and have stainless steel hinges, multi-point locking systems and a variety of glazing options: tinted, single or thermo-pane. It's heavy-duty extruded aluminum screens, nail-fin stucco returns and brick mould options are also available.



Providing more cross-ventilation and less obstructed views, the Marvin Venting Picture window has a sash that projects 2¼ inches outward to reveal its screened-in opening while the window appears closed from the exterior view. The screen attaches to the sash at a single point to minimize stress during operation and resists mold, mildew and UV rays.


Guardian Industries


The ClimaGuard SPF residential coated glass from Guardian Industries is designed to block 99.9 percent of UV rays without any bright colors, dark tints, shiny reflections or any visible change in day lighting. It has a U-factor of 0.24, an R-value of 4.2 and a solar heat gain coefficient of 0.382.



The VinylCrest 300 series from Crestline is a vinyl and brick mould and J-panel-constructed window with a traditional wood frame profile. The line has double-hung, single- hung, single glider, picture and special-shaped units. The window has a block and tackle balance system that locks into place when the sash is tilted.





Heritage push-out casements and awnings from Kolbe Windows and Doors are made from pine with latex primed exterior wood sash and frame. The line features single-point locking hardware and a stainless steel friction hinge on top and bottom that allows for full openings. The interior glass is coated with 78-inch Low-E insulating glass with argon.



The fixed windows from Fenestra come standard in Mahogany with other timber options available and are available in any size or configuration. The company's waterproof adhesive is used on all joints, and the windows have simulated divided lites, applied brickmold casing and applied sub-sill. The glass is hurricane-impact and is IBC and SBCCI tested and rated.


Great Lakes


The Seabrooke vinyl replacement windows from Great Lakes Window are made with the company's pinch fusion-welded process to make an airtight seal. Mainframes are filled with R-core, a high-density polyurethane insulation and the windows are made with the company's Energy Star-approved Low-E Warm-edge Intercept insulated glass.



The Integrity Ultrex Series from parent company Marvin is available in single hung operating and picture frames, polygon and transom windows. According to the company, the Ultrex material is a fiberglass-based material that is eight times stronger than vinyl. It is finished and coated to resist scratching, denting and warping.




The Solarban 70XL solar control Low-E glass is a ¾-inch clear insulating glass unit that provides a solar heat gain coefficient of 0.27 and a visible light transmittance of 64 percent. The 70XL also decreases the amount of UV light that enters the room and is available in standard thicknesses of 2.5, 3 and 5 millimeters.



The skylight system from DayStar can illuminate 460 square feet of space per 4×4-foot unit. Roof domes have a clear, acrylic outer dome and an inner collimation lens to minimize heat transfer. Galvanized steel roof curbs have watertight seams built to match the roof pitch. Packages include flash kits, rib caps, light shafts and ceiling lenses.


Pittsburgh Corning


The Hurricane Glass Block system from Pittsburgh Corning uses the company's Thickset 90 glass with Kwik N' EZ silicone adhesive and horizontal and vertical spacers for installation to create an all-glass appearance. The system is offered in Decora, Vue or Endura patterns. The blocks meet ASTM E-1886 and 1996 for large missile impacts.



Weather Stopper windows, now from parent company Andersen, are impact-resistant and meet ASTM E 1886-02 and 1996-02 testing standards. The windows use DuPont's SentryGlas and SentryGlas Plus plastic safety glass made from polyvinyl butyral layers which also reduces noise and UV rays. Steel and aluminum tilt lashes secures the sash to the window.




The ProV 300 series from Vetter is an all-vinyl window with integral brickmould, a built-in J-channel and has traditional wood styling. The series has single- and double-hung, single rolling, picture and specialty shaped windows with block-and-tackle balance systems in an easy-tilt design. The balance shoe locks when the sash is tilted out of the frame.



The Impervia line of windows and patio doors from Pella are made with the company's Duracast fiberglass composite material that offers more strength and insulating properties than vinyl. The windows can withstand wind-driven rain up to 8 inches per hour, are Low-e and Energy Star-rated, and are pre-finished in brown, white or tan.




The 4916-inch XJ casement windows from ViWinTech have a beveled sash profile, triple weather stripping and heavy vinyl extrusions with the company's Truth Maxim hardware. An optional two-inch extension can be snapped on the interior of the jamb. The windows are Energy Star-rated and are covered under the company's Advantage 5.1 warranty.


Four Seasons

The Georgian English-style conservatory sunroom from Four Seasons Sunrooms is made in aluminum, vinyl or wood and comes in studio or cathedral styles. Four Seasons also has a basic line of more affordable aluminum-only constructed sunrooms in the 130, 200 and 230 Series range. The range is constructed with the company's insulated glass and structured insulated panel roofing.




Ponderosa wood windows in a full color palette from Avonni feature Cardinal IG with Low-E2 Plus glass coating. The windows include in-swing, out-swing and sliding door systems with aluminum screen door tracks and extruded, bronze-toned sills with an interior oak threshold. The company uses Therma-Tru door weather-stripping and is Energy Star-certified.



The QVE electric venting skylight from Velux is designed for self-flashed installations and overhead applications and closes automatically in case of rain. It is pre-installed with a concealed motor, control system and two rain sensors. It opens and closes with a standard slimline remote control and an optional WLI 160 wall mounted keypad.




The latest GF line of protruded fiberglass windows from Graham Architectural Products expand at the same rate as glass to protect against expansion and contraction. The windows have Low-E glazing, are low in conductivity and come in a variety of factory finishes. Casement, double-hung, horizontal sliding and sliding glass doors are available.



Tilt'n Slide fiberglass windows from Fibertec slide from end to end but the sash remains stationary when in a tilt position. The hardware design allows the sash to rotate inward and the frame and sash corners are connected with molded polymer shearblocks. Joints are factory sealed and filled with urethane foam. The glass is made with double or triple glazing to resist condensation.



The Freedom series from MW features a vinyl exterior cladding and standard clear composite wood interior ready to accept primer, paint and stain. It is available in multiple styles, including double-hung, casement and awning, patio doors, accent windows and come in a variety of architectural shapes and configurations. The Freedom series also has White and sandalwood color options.


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