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Let There Be Light

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Let There Be Light

By BILCO July 18, 2017

Freelance writer Jim Kneiszel and his wife had been working out of their dingy basement home office for years. As writers, they found it difficult to stay motivated while working in such a dark environment – with gray cement walls and only a small, 9 x16-inch window letting the light in. To fix this issue with natural illumination, they decided to remodel the basement and decided an egress window was a top priority for both aesthetic and safety reasons.

The Green Bay, Wisconsin homeowners weren’t sure where to start shopping for a window well, and considered many options before being introduced to the BILCO ScapeWEL® Egress Window Well system by a contractor. After some additional research, Kneiszel decided on the ScapeWEL because, compared to the most common do-it-yourself window well options, the high-density polyethylene panel system was a logical choice for durability, appearance and ease of installation. He purchased a model 4048-54 ScapeWEL with a 54-inch inside width, 41-inch projection and 48-inch side panels.

“The ScapeWEL I selected was easy to maneuver in the hole, simple to install and conveniently designed to conform to standard code requirements,” said Kneiszel. “And the sleek sandstone color component system with a built-in plant shelf reflects an amazing amount of natural light into the basement room.”

This form of emergency egress offers real estate advantages, satisfies local building codes and increases the home’s square footage to allow for a legitimate lower-level bedroom, therefore raising the value of a home at resale time. The window well came in four pieces, two side sections and two bowed panels that form the steps. The step sections have slots that snap neatly into tabs on the side panels.

A prefabricated product like the BILCO ScapeWEL makes it easier for homeowners to utilize the space while keeping safety and beauty in mind. 

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BILCO's ScapeWEL Egress Window Well system helped to add some much-needed daylight to a basement home office

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