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Leslie Eiler

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Leslie Eiler

April 14, 2022

Design Manager

CRD Design Build


When I joined the team, there was a plan to grow both sides of our design-build business. We needed to scale up and align that with our long-term goals and met the our team’s needs. It was like starting a new business.

Best innovation: Although it was fantastic, I knew our former design process could improve. There were spots that created bottlenecks, and you can’t increase capacity that way. We took a look at setting up a team structure. A team approach allowed us to better our designs, accuracy, and profitability by allowing team members to do what they do best. We harnessed everyone’s skillset to make design more productive, innovative, and efficient. The team approach allowed us to triple our capacity while also sustaining a queue of future clients.

Business book recommendation:

Good to Great

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